Eat Dog Cat Mouse

Before Mouse finds a way to the delicious cornfields Cat eats him with dire consequences for the food chain.

A short film commissioned by the Channel 4 MESH scheme. Screened at numerous festivals across the world.



2006 Best Animation Award: Super Shorts Film Festival (UK)

2006 Shortvillage Award: Arcipelago Film Festival (ITALY)

2006 Best Debut Film Bimini: Film Festival (LATVIA)


Direction and Design: Kwok Fung Lam

Producer: Nicola Black

Animation: Dominic Griffiths, Antoine Bourruel

Modelling: Mattias Bjurstrom, Natalia Ortiz Luis

Rigging: Michael Greenwood

Rigging & Additional Modelling: Daniel Cornibert

Lighting & Compositing: Rodi Kaya

Sound Design & Music: Chris Branch, Tom Haines, Pascal Wyse


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